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What you need to do before you launch a new business

Launching a new business is a huge step towards your future. It means taking hold of your passion and talent and finally making a name for yourself. Done right this could be the start of your enduring legacy as your business grows and thrives. Unfortunately, most don’t and will not make it. Many businesses close within the first two years of starting, and the majority won’t make it to their tenth anniversary.

Building a business that can adapt and grow with the times is the best way to future-proof it, and you can start building the foundations for this trait right now by following this guide:

Create a Comprehensive Business Plan

Business plans are typically short. They are maximum one or two pages long. The reason for their shortness is simply because things change and adhering too strongly to a massive business plan created before you launch isn’t productive. That does not mean, however, that it is easy to make.

A great business plan has a lot of research behind it. It is pared down in order to be adaptable to reality yes, but research can help give you a realistic expectation on the economic playing field and how to take advantage of options near you.

Conduct Demographic Research

One of the most important components of a business plan is demographic research.

For Marketing

You need to know who your demographic is, you need to know their budget and you need to know their needs. Knowing these things will help you better market to them, both in terms of message and where that message is displayed.

For Shop Location

If you operate from a fixed point (rather than offer services or call-out appointments) then you need to open a shop where your demographic lives. This doesn’t immediately need to be a big commitment. There are plenty of pop-up opportunities for you to trial your business idea without a long-term loan.

Obtain a Loan (And Other Sources of Funding)

A great way to fund your new business is through a few different channels. A business loan or private loan depending on what you can apply for, savings, and even investments made by friends or family.


Seek Out Legal Advice

Before you take another step towards opening your business or even leasing a location you will want to seek out legal advice on commercial law. There are a lot of nuances and opportunities within the law that you will not know, even with hours upon hours of googling. Instead of risking that headache, simply find solicitors that are right for you. The initial cost will save you so much time, energy, and money down the line. 

Build Up Hype

Now that your business is conceptually ready to go, it’s time to put the pieces in place. While you build your business from the ground up, it is the perfect time to start building up hype. Collaborate with other local businesses, grow your social media following, and try to build up a mailing list before you launch so that your business can start with a bang.

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