Whitbread in the community
A Whitbread case study

Page 1: Introduction

All organisations operate within a wider environment in which they need to carefully build up and to sustain long-term relationships. In recent times it has become fashionable to talk about business organisations needing to serve their stakeholders who are shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which they operate. It is equally clear that business organisations are...
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Page 2: Objectives

It is always important to look at an organisation’s strategic objectives because they determine its total philosophy. Whitbread’s strategic objectives are: to be the pre-eminent retailer in drinks and eating-out in the UK; to develop a strong, profitable, brands-oriented beer business; to reduce continually its cost of doing business; to provide customer service better than that of...
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Page 3: Local communities

Whitbread has long been involved with the local communities in which it operates and is recognised as one of the corporate leaders in this field. Whitbread sees this commitment as being a better way of carrying out business and as a better way of making an important contribution to a thriving community. Whitbread regards the large sums of money spent on community activities as a genuine investment...
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Page 4: Investment

There are three main strands of the Community Investment Programme. These are: Business Education Partnerships Volunteering and support for the voluntary sector Local social and economic regeneration Business Education Partnerships - In 1991, the company established the Whitbread Education Team, which consists of a national manager, responsible for the overall management and direction of the...
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Page 5: Benefits to Whitbread

In assessing Whitbread’s community programmes it is essential to look at the benefits that flow back to the company from such involvement. It is important to bear in mind that every well managed company needs to give priority to its bottom line. After all, it is only by making a sustained long-term profit over a period of time that the company is able to guarantee a good return to...
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Page 6: Conclusion

All business organisations in the UK today aspire to being regarded as one of Britain’s most admired companies. Whitbread has been able to achieve this position as a result of a very carefully thought out strategic focus - i.e. making sure that the company concentrates on its best lines, creates an excellent public image, satisfies consumers, employees and other stakeholders, and makes an...
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