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Why Businesses Should Market and Advertise the Security of their Products and Services

Cyber Crime


Gone are the days when a good quality virus checker and some careful online behaviour was all we needed for online security. It seems there’s a new category of threat every time we check, including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, identity theft,  and ransomware. As if that weren’t enough, there are now malicious programs that can take control of a device and listen in on you. Another worrying thing is this malicious software’s ability to take over the camera on your device without you even knowing.

One can only imagine the danger and invasion of privacy when an unknown hacker or program gains access to your device and camera. 

Security and Trust go Hand in Hand

By now we must all be aware of the need for strong, unique passwords. If you buy any goods and services online, you will doubtless also be mindful of the need for secure payment methods. There are many different payment methods available. Online casinos have been quick to implement secure payments so you could head over to a Trustly casino to see one in action. 

Are any of us aware of how many of these payment services store our details? If not, we should be, and we should also demand that our data are safely and securely deleted when they’re no longer required. 

Even if it’s a partnership with secure payment service and not your own product or service, your business can benefit enormously from using secure services.

Bricks and Mortar Businesses

The security threats are not restricted to online businesses. There have been recent cases where a prominent airline and a hospital suffered data breaches. It’s doubtful whether many of us consider these security risks for our data but, in the case of the airline, passport and credit card details were leaked with the obvious detail on where passengers travelled. This need not have been through an online interaction between the passenger and the airline directly. Imagine the case where you visit your local travel agent to book a holiday. They book flights for you, and your details land up with the airline. Without any online activity on your part, your privacy is now threatened.

The case of the hospital is even more alarming. It’s accepted that our medical details are confidential. If they were leaked, it could be, at the very least, embarrassing. Worse, it could impact our employment prospects. Next time you need a healthcare provider, think,  “good healthcare includes good cybersecurity.”

Even bricks and mortar companies need to enhance their security beyond the obvious burglar alarm systems. The technology available today makes it easy and inexpensive to install tiny cameras to monitor activity and alert you when something untoward happens. 

Your customers should feel their bank account is safe when they hand over their card to make a payment.



In the case of the airline, you probably wouldn’t choose to travel with them again. 

You likely have a choice of which medical facility you attend.

There are laws concerning businesses’ obligations to protect your data but that doesn’t guarantee your safety. Then how do you decide with whom you’re happy to do business? 

While knowing that your privacy is secure and your data won’t be misused is essential, that’s not typically the first concern people have when transacting online.

The first concern is over how to secure payment methods are. 

Security Can Give You  Competitive Edge

Security has always been an essential part of every business. With more companies and their products and services online than ever before, this is even more important.

If security issues are not addressed, a business could fold, or could lose customers. New customers will be swayed towards goods and services from suppliers with the best security, whether they do business online or not. Unless companies market and advertise the measures they’ve taken and explain the impact, customers will have no way of knowing.

Along with the minimum requirements, the FTC provides guidelines on security measures you should consider.

Whatever measures you put in place, you should be sure you test them before you market and advertise. You’ll look very foolish if your claims are proved wrong, so it’s far preferable that you’re the one to find out. It can be just as powerful to explain how you’ve recovered from a threat.


With so many threats out there, it’s essential to make plans to implement and test the best security you can afford for your business. Then, don’t forget to let everyone know about it, or you will lose some of the benefits.

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