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Why Do You Need Protein Supplements? 3 Best Protein Supplements In India

Protein is needed by everyone irrespective of various factors like age, gender, and activity levels. It’s just that athletes, bodybuilders, and active gym-goers can have an increased requirement for protein due to their high activity levels and intense workout routines.

Protein helps in the proper growth and development of our body and it also helps with muscle building. Many studies show that protein can help with weight loss as well. This is because it is a very satiating component that keeps you full for longer and eventually reduces your total calorie intake.

Bodybuilders and fitness fanatics often include protein supplements in their diet like whey protein, casein, or various other proteins. This is because they need extra protein to fuel their muscle growth and recovery and this additional requirement cannot be met by diet alone.

Whey protein, out of all the protein supplements available, is the most sought after protein supplement. The reason being it’s rich amino acid profile- it has all the 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot make on its own. Whey is obtained from milk and is available in 3 forms- concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.

All the 3 forms of whey are great but among these WPC (whey protein concentrate) & WPI (whey protein isolate) are the most popular ones and especially isolate. It is so because isolate has very low lactose content and has very high protein content. It is fit for lactose-intolerant people.

You must have heard about bodybuilders and fitness lovers consuming protein supplements and would have wondered what’s so special about them. In this article, learn about the benefits of protein supplements and the 5 best protein supplements available in the Indian market.

Benefits of protein supplements

These supplements are available in the powdered form which makes them easy to consume. You’ll often find fitness buffs consuming protein shakes. Yes, they are made using different protein powders as per their goals and choice. Learn why these protein powders are so beneficial.

  1. Aid weight loss

Since protein is a highly satiating component, it keeps you feeling full for longer periods of time and limits your total calorie intake. As a result, you lose weight. When you feel full, your portion size tends to get smaller and your snacking is also controlled. Various studies have shown that consumption of whey protein in particular results in a reduction of body weight and total fat mass in obese or over-weight individuals.

  • Helpful in muscle growth

This is one of the prominent reasons why you see athletes befriending protein shakes. Protein is extremely important for muscle growth and development. It helps bodybuilders in bulking up after strength training. Many research studies suggest that regular consumption of protein supplements can help in enhancing muscle size and strength in individuals performing resistance training like lifting heavyweights.

  • Boosts post-workout recovery

Protein supplementation not only helps in boosting muscle growth but also aids recovery after intense workout sessions. Whey protein in particular is extremely helpful with recovery as it is rich in amino acids- essential and BCAAs ((Branched Chain Amino Acids) that not only boost recovery but also reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Various studies suggest that consuming protein supplements after workouts can help in controlling muscle damage and boost muscle protein synthesis and muscle performance.

  • Helps in fulfilling your daily protein requirements in the most convenient way

Just as I mentioned at the beginning of the article that protein is what everyone needs, consuming protein supplements like protein powders can help in boosting your daily protein intake. Though there are various food sources of protein like fish, chicken, soy, milk, curd, eggs, lentils, etc., it can still be tough to consume the daily required protein through diet alone and this is why these protein powders help. Plus, they are very convenient and can be consumed anytime you wish to. They are easy to prepare and available easily. You also get a lot of flavors to meet the expectations of your taste buds.

Leaving already? Hold on, and have a look at these 3 amazing protein powders that you can start consuming to boost your daily protein intake and build sturdy muscles and a great physique.

3 best protein supplements

  1. MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein Isolate

This unique formulation has an Enhanced Absorption Formula that allows 50% more protein absorption and 60% higher BCAA absorption than any other whey protein, which makes it the best protein supplement. Thanks to its potent formula, you will experience low stomach discomfort. This whey isolate product is India’s first-ever clinically tested protein customized for Indians. It has a labdoor certification for purity and accuracy and ranks at the top in labdoor’s quality rankings. You get 25g quality protein per scoop of this protein powder.

  • My Protein Iso Pro Whey Protein

This product by My Protein is lactose and sugar-free whey protein that delivers 90% protein with 1% fat. It is ideal for those who are calorie conscious and looking down to cutting. It has zero added sugar and every scoop fuels you with 25g high-quality protein.

  • Muscle XP Plant Protein

If you are a vegan and want to try a vegan plant-based protein, this product is perfect for you. Made with a blend of pea protein, brown rice, and flaxseed powder it fuels you with all vital plant and herbal nutrients that you often miss out on your daily diet. This product contains a potent herbal blend that includes grape seed extracts, ashwagandha, amla powder, barley seed powder, and green tea extract. It is also packed with vegetable blends. This is completely sugar-free and dairy-free. Available in delicious chocolate flavor, it offers 20g protein per serving with just 1.2g fats.

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