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Why target Turkish customers

Many well-known big companies are targeting Turkish customers and therefore increasing their income pretty much. Of course, most Turks have high consumer potential, but does ethnic targeting really works nowadays? That’s what we are going to find out!

Does Ethnic Targeting Works In Marketing?

Before we figure out whether ethnic targeting is still successful these days, let’s see what “targeting” means and what stands behind this term. If you show your product to everybody, you will use too much effort and likely hear various thoughts (not always positive). That’s why it will be much better to focus only on those who will potentially like/use/buy your product. In other words, targeting is diving the entire market into smaller segments and focusing on customers within that segment. Instead of trying to satisfy everybody, companies use targeting in order to maximize the efficiency of their marketing policies.

There are different types of targeting strategies based on the criteria of market segmentation. Thus, the segmentation can be age, race, income, gender, lifestyle, interests, continent, country, region, city, language, and of course, ethnicity. The latter is being often discussed by many experts, as there’s no unanimous decision on whether ethnic targeting is worth implementing or not. On the one hand, culture definitely influences our thoughts and decisions. Still, on the other hand, ethnic segmentation does not include the influences of different modern multicultural social networks, where people spend pretty time.

Ethnic segmentation includes focusing on the audience that uses a certain language, and it also takes into account the material status of the customers within the group. However, research has shown that the representatives of different cultures usually buy one and the same product for the same reasons, which simply destroys ethnic targeting. That’s why the ethnic targeting strategies are recommended to be used together with other types of targeting in order to narrow down the consumer pool.

Seeing The Profit In Valuable Clients

Despite all the debates around the usage of ethnic segmentation, many companies target Turkish clients. In fact, there are many good reasons for that. According to the latest estimates, the population of Tukey is over 80,7 million. Turkish is also one of the official languages in Cyprus. Moreover, the northern part of Cyprus considers itself to be the so-called “Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus”. On top of that, Turkey has a high migration rate, which is why there are several million more Turkish-speaking people more spread across the world. They say there are around 100 million Turkish-speaking people overall, so no wonder the list of online gambling sites with Turkish liras is huge and is growing accordingly to the audience’s demands.

Germany is considered to be home to around 3 million people with Turkish roots. No wonder, German companies use specially-designed marketing campaigns to focus on that group of people. “Volkswagen Speaks Turkish” is the name of Volkswagen’s campaign designed to draw the attention of people with Turkish roots to the VW cars, as well as to emphasize the fact that the company is actively looking for Turkish-speaking staff. Research has also shown that people with a Turkish background are much more fixated on new trends and brands than Germans or representatives of other European nations. That’s one of the main reasons why so many world-famous companies see profit in Turkish clients.

Consumer Potential

It is essential for the companies which want to enter the Turkish market or target people with Turkish roots to understand and analyze the behaviour of Turkish consumers. Turkish people like being understood by the producers and sellers. Despite the fact that they follow the world’s trends, globalization won’t be enough to conquer the Turkish market. Turkish consumers usually have some specific requirements for the products based on their needs and cultural background.

All in all, the Turkish market is an extremely favourable and attractive segment for all global companies. While ethnic targeting is not widely used nowadays, it works really well for the companies that want to focus on the Turks.

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