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A virtual office space in the Netherlands as cost effective start with benefits

Are you a planning to start a new business in Western Europe? Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a great place to start a new enterprise as it offers many business opportunities. The most critical period for new business is the set up. Nowadays, there are interesting possibilities to save money so you can stay within your tight business budget. Take a serious look at a virtual office space as your working space will be one of the primary costs.

In Western Europe an increasing number of business men use co-working and shared offices and virtual offices. In the Netherlands, a densely populated country, real estate prices are relatively high, the statistics shows that the number of share offices is each year growing. It is a worldwide business trend that is started more than a decade ago. The start-up scene has developed virtual offices, shared offices spaces and co-working offices into a fashionable lifestyle. The trend is stronger in international oriented cities and upscale neighbourhoods. A thriving factor behind the growth is the expanding number of persons that boldly choose to set up an own company. Starting as a sole proprietor and developing an innovative service via a start-up has become more common practice. This crowd of entrepreneurs has a need for affordable and flexible work spaces.

After company registration, fresh starters have to grab any opportunity for savings until the business will start generating any income. For many sole proprietors, the office rent and deposit will be the most important investment to make. Saving on rent expenses can be good opportunity to keep within a limited starting budget. A virtual office space in Amsterdam can be rented for less than thousand euro for an entire year. In the Netherlands virtual address services in general include registered address services for use at the trade register.

Despite the name ‘virtual office’, the service contains shared office space facilities in the Netherlands. This because of requirements from the side of the trade register. The incoming company post will be scanned and forwarded onwards to you and your accountant. Next thereto, a virtual office is a spot where entrepreneurs keep office, with an excellent network connection, scanning and printing facilities and an espresso machine. Also, it is a place where you can meet and connect with peers.

Prime Location

Virtual office spaces are not only beneficial for your company’s budget. Virtual offices are mostly located at prime locations such as legal and financial districts and city centres. For starting professionals, such a legal specialists, a competent and reputable image is key. Virtual offices give them an easy and affordable access to the legal district of any city. Client meetings are facilitated with representative meeting rooms which can be booked per time unit.

Made in the Netherlands

A shared office can be easily used to extend your group with a low-cost international business hub. The Dutch are renowned of their eminently innovative and creative businesses. By setting up your business via a limited liability company or branch office at a cost-effective way in the Netherlands, you upgrade the image of your services or goods. The opportunities to conclude contracts with businesses all over the world will grow.

Professionality & Privacy

In the Netherlands businesses can have their registered seat both at a home and business addresses. Customers and business partners will check your business address online and get a much better feeling when your business is registered at a representative business address. With a virtual office space, you also do not have the inconvenience of unwanted guests at your home address outside business hours. Packages are accepted when you are not in.

Meeting Peers

Dutch virtual office spaces are most often organised as co-working spaces/shared office centres. A major benefit of the co-working set up is that you will meet fellow starters and entrepreneurs at the coffee table. Other entrepreneurs will provide you with valuable advice to extend your business, provide new connections, contacts of good quality service providers and can potentially become your best business partners.

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