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Why Your Company Should Acquire Managed It Services

To stay up-to-date with the changing times, companies rely on technology. A lot of IT functions should be dealt with such as email hosting, storage, backup, recovery, and network monitoring. 

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services, also called an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), refers to an IT support company that manages all or a part of a company’s IT systems and/or networks. These managed IT services remotely manage the company’s IT systems and assets within its clients’ premises or a data center which is normally operated by a third party. A lot of companies, even small to medium-sized organizations, rely on IT services to meet their unique industry needs. This is why managed IT services in NYC is very rampant now. There are a variety of services that a managed IT service or an MSP can do and they range from monitoring of IT networks, repairs, updates and patches, providing of new software, hardware, infrastructure, cloud services, and staff resources. 

This kind of IT approach is also said to be cost-effective as it allows organizations to focus on their core projects and creating strategic initiatives. Many managed services also cost less than other traditional services and staff. Organizations that use MSPs have access to a range of 30 to 40 IT employees that are experts in multiple areas of the IT industry such as networking, storage, virtualization, compliance, security, and software.

MSPs are also considered important partners of organizations since they help them reap the benefits of the latest technologies without researching them and purchasing them themselves.

What Happens To An Existing It Department?

So what if the company has an existing IT department already? What happens to them? Usually, the main concerns within organizations about managed IT services include if it would replace the existing IT team currently employed.

A study about managed IT services shows that 53% of organizations that use IT managed services or MSPs kept their IT department, 15% had no IT department in the first place and only 6% got rid of their IT department. 

MSPs usually help an organization’s IT department to focus on more important projects to drive growth and revenue and keep the department running efficiently. 

What Are The Important Benefits Of Using It Managed Services?

Right now, small, medium, and large businesses are becoming very aware of the important benefits of using IT managed services, and the demand is strong. Here are reasons why you should choose IT-managed services:

Upgrade On Security And Compliance

A lot of types of technology (operating systems, smartphones, tablets, and laptops) store and transmit important data, and this fact makes security very important. A security breach is a very critical scenario that could cost an organization’s reputation and financial loss. 

A managed service provider or MSP can protect businesses from security breaches and provide quick actions when it happens. 

There are also a lot of regulations that a business should comply with that are specific to their industry. Legal and health industries are some of those who should be very specific about this matter. An MSP can provide additional policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure compliance.

Enhanced IT Operations

Nowadays, to keep up with the latest technologies, it is wise not to rely on a single IT department. Collaborating with a managed IT service leads to more efficient and reliable IT operations. Although it does not necessarily mean replacing an in-house IT staff fully, it enhances its capabilities. 

Having an IT managed service provider helps in resolving issues quickly and maximizes uptime and profitability by having the benefits of the latest technologies and creating innovative solutions. Technologies that a managed service provider could provide include cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery, and remote monitoring and management.

Cost-efficient And Increase ROI

There are financial benefits when dealing with a managed IT, service provider. It controls outgoing expenses and increases return on investment. 

Normally, an IT department’s budget is composed of a lot of things including labor, maintenance costs, software, and network infrastructure and hardware costs. When you use outdated software, it has a negative impact on return on investment. 

Managed IT services can provide flexibility to grow in a manner that internal IT departments cannot provide alone. With a managed IT service, organizations can easily plan IT expenses and oversee improvements and larger projects.

Variety of IT Solutions

Businesses or organizations need solutions that are based specifically on individual needs. 

Managed IT services can automate certain transactions and help manage business information and customer information with the help of software. For example, a managed IT service with the help of accounting software solutions, monitors a business’ financial information, vendors, and taxes, and can be designed to suit the needs of the specific company.

Technology is transforming the world of business, and to keep up, a company could use managed IT services. It will help your business with additional technological help. It also ensures that your IT team will focus on much more important projects. 

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