Operations management: the Wincanton way
A Wincanton case study

Page 0: Introduction

To be successful themselves, organisations need an efficient supply chain that enables their own suppliers to deliver to them the correct products in the right quantities on time and at the agreed price. In short, they depend on a supply chain that works and can be relied on completely. Equally importantly, companies need to ensure that their own products arrive at their customers in the right...
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Page 1: Wincanton: the nature of the business

Wincanton's mission is 'delivering supply chain solutions across Europe'. The company is customer focussed: its aim is to help its customers become more efficient and more successful by enabling them to set up facilities and systems that guarantee them the supplies they require, when they need them. Wincanton is one of the leading logistics firms in Europe and it is the UK's second largest...
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Page 2: Operations

When planning a new warehouse, Wincanton must first clearly establish the client's requirements. The first major decision is where to locate the warehouse. The best location will depend on factors such as: the ease of access to transport links such as motorways, rail networks, ports and airports costs e.g. land prices the availability of a suitable workforce. When developing the warehouse...
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Page 3: Human resources and finance

Human Resources Whilst developing a new warehousing facility Wincanton will also be working on the workforce plan. This sets out the firm's future human resource requirements and develops appropriate strategies for meeting those needs. Wincanton may have sole responsibility for this task or may develop it with the client. The workforce plan will include: an outline of the jobs required at...
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Page 4: Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team at Wincanton focuses on defining the system requirements and identifying the most suitable IT specifications for the warehouse facility. This involves working closely with the client to understand existing systems, ensuring the links between the two and also with the rest of Wincanton's systems work effectively. The team's work will include installing and...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Most people seldom think about supply chains until something goes wrong and yet they make a huge contribution to our personal welfare. Wincanton is in the business of ensuring that 'things going wrong' remains a rarity. By managing supply chains effectively, Wincanton enables other firms to improve their own efficiency. The company provides many different products and services related to the...
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