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Workplace design make company attractive millennials

It is a well-known fact that the Millennials are influencing today’s workplace and are going to do the same in the future as well. This fact makes companies wonder how to ensure their workplace is attractive enough to keep the Millennials satisfied and motivated to commit to their jobs. So, here are some tips on how to design your workplace for the new generation and keep them happy and your company growing.

Flexibility and friendliness

The most desired perks for the Millennials employees are for sure flexibility and a positive working environment. Creating flexible workplace and schedule is important for keeping them motivated and energized to complete the daily tasks. As long as deadlines are met and the job is done properly and the quality is on a high level, company’s owners should not be worried. A recent study shows that the employees with a flexible work schedule in a friendly work environment have incomparably better results than the ones working in a stressful environment, chasing deadlines, being pressured by their employers.

Inspiring office space aesthetics

The next step is understanding Millennials design aesthetics.  The key is in creating office spaces that are friendly, that inspire collaboration, that looks modern and promote a sense of open-mindedness. What that means in practice is creating open-concept floor plans with a number of gathering areas, relaxing zones and soundproof conference rooms. It is important to bring a lot of natural light inside to create an outdoorsy atmosphere and bring the nature inside. Colourful and modern workspaces are more attractive than grey, formal, typical ones, no matter business industry, so think about creating a vibrant and creative office place that will increase your employees’ productivity. For example, replacing office cubicles with community tables will offer a plenty of areas for collaboration between different departments that will result in a healthy company culture.

Versatility and greenery

Creating a versatile workplace will give your employees the options to choose where they can work and how, while spending time in comfortable surroundings that will boost their productivity and performance. Also, adding greenery to your office space is a must when it comes to attracting the Millennials and creating a perfect work atmosphere. That way you will have higher-performing employees that are loyal to your company. Investing in green walls covered with all kinds of plans or creating an atrium where they can enjoy fresh air while working is a great way to create a healthy working environment. You can go a step further and let your employees take care of the greenery as a way of relaxation from daily work tasks if they show interest in doing it. Experts explain that investing in gardening tools and equipment, such as water hose, besides the fact that it is necessary to maintain the greenery and keep it healthy will also inspire individuals to care for the plants by themselves. Try leaving all the supplies needed in a box next to the green wall or potted plants and encourage workers (especially ones with a green thumb) to style the greenery and feel free to add more.

Calmness and relaxation

Creating a Zen garden in your office space is perfect for jobs that are by itself very stressful. Make a space for relaxation where employees can go to work on solo projects and concentrate without being interrupted. Several research studies show that caring for Zen gardens almost instantly calms individuals down and is a great stress relief activity.  And of course, minimizing the stress will increase your worker’s productivity and make your company prosper.

Transformation and adaptation

Designing spaces that adapt and transform is an economical solution for a growing business and a smart way to ensure your company’s success. That way as your business changes, your employees will be encouraged to change as well, to work on their self-development and grow together with the company. Having an option of adapting and transforming your workplace will certainly have a positive impact on employees and inspire innovative ideas that would have been lost in a typical office space. For example, investing in multifunctional office tables that can be adapted for sitting as well as standing while working will give your employees the commodity of transforming the office space according to their personal needs and wants and inspire their motivation and commitment. To put it simply, the more satisfied employees the more productive the company!

Designing the office space to attract the Millennials is a crucial task to be done, not something you can put aside for some other time. If you want your business to grow and your company to prosper, you have to adapt the space and make it perfect for the generation of the future. Create an inspirational working environment to achieve the high performance of your line of work and surround yourself with a team of employees that are committed, innovative, loyal and above all satisfied with their jobs.





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