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ZeroAvia Participates in World Economic Forum

As an international organization for private-public cooperation, the World Economic Forum is focused on protecting people and the environment while also encouraging business and industry. Because of its mix of offerings and its goal to protect the planet, ZeroAvia participates in the forum to make the company’s voice heard when it comes to zero-emission aircraft and the value of hydrogen-electric power instead of fossil fuels. By participating, ZeroAvia can further its mission of moving toward a net zero level of carbon emissions for the aviation space.

In June, the World Economic Forum added ZeroAvia to its list of 100 most promising pioneers of technology. These pioneers are companies that are shaping health care, retail, transportation, and other industries. The 2021 list included 26 different economies on six different continents, and the reach was far beyond Silicon Valley and the traditional technology hubs. Because ZeroAvia produces hydrogen-electric powertrains for aircraft, it contributes heavily to the aviation sector in ways that reduce its carbon footprint and help move hydrogen technology and green energy forward.

Susan Nesbitt, the head of the Global Innovators Community for the World Economic Forum, said, “We’re excited to welcome ZeroAvia to our 2021 cohort of Technology Pioneers. ZeroAvia and its fellow pioneers are developing technologies that can help society solve some of its most pressing issues. We look forward to their contribution to the World Economic Forum in its commitment to improving the state of the world.” For its part, ZeroAvia is equally excited to be a part of the forum and to share its information and interests in hydrogen-electric power for the aviation industry with the world.

Val Miftakhov, founder of ZeroAvia, said, “We are honored to be acknowledged as a pioneer by the World Economic Forum. It is a confirmation that our technology is among the most unique in the world and can make a difference in the effort to reduce transportation emissions. We believe that hydrogen is the only practical method to transition aircraft toward zero emission, and we are excited to see so many recognizing the potential of this energy source within the aviation industry.”

There were hundreds of candidates for the technology pioneer list, and the organization selected ZeroAvia for providing the world’s first practical solution for decarbonizing aviation Replacing the engines in commercial aircraft with hydrogen-electric powertrains will avoid the need to create new planes and remove the issues with the aviation industry’s carbon footprint and lower the emissions to levels that can better protect the planet.

Now that ZeroAvia is a distinguished technology pioneer and participant in the forum, founder Val Miftakhov will participate in the events, activities, and discussions. Over the next two years, ZeroAvia will also contribute to initiatives for the forum and work with leaders around the world in an effort to address key issues in industry and society. Most of those issues will be directly related to the company’s work to reduce emissions in the aircraft space and make it easier for commercial airlines to have a smaller carbon footprint.

The World Economic Forum has a strong focus on bringing leaders from around the world together to solve the problems that so many industries, companies, and communities face. ZeroAvia, as a participant in the forum and a technology pioneer, will be able to contribute to the solutions that companies around the world are looking for. The transportation sector, especially the airline industry, is an area of industry that has a large carbon footprint. Since the industry has been looking for ways to reduce that footprint for some time now, hydrogen can help make that possible.

Not only will ZeroAvia provide information and insight about its hydrogen-electric aircraft powerplants, but it will also help companies and industries find their own ways forward with lower emissions and a net zero goal for the future. As companies and industries worldwide come together through the World Economic Forum, ZeroAvia can remain on the cutting edge of its industry and pass its knowledge along to other industries interested in moving toward more green power options.

About ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia is an aircraft company that focuses on producing hydrogen-electric aircraft and practical zero-emission powertrains for aircraft. The company’s target planes carry 9 to 19 passengers, along with similarly sized aircraft that transport cargo. Currently, the company’s hydrogen-powered aircraft are focused on journeys of 500 miles or under. Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia is headquartered in the U.S. and the U.K. One goal of the company is to transform the commercial aircraft space and reduce the level of carbon emissions produced through commercial flight.

The company’s current project is the HyFlyer II, a hydrogen-electric-powered aircraft that can fly a range of up to 500 miles. The plane can carry either passengers or cargo, making it ideal for short flights between nearby destinations. By 2030, however, the company wants to produce an aircraft that can carry 100 passengers and travel up to 1,000 miles. With this development, ZeroAvia will help reduce both noise and carbon emissions in the commercial aircraft industry.

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