Interpreting and understanding accounts
An ACCA case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Acca 18 Image 7Accounting statements are not the neat packages that they can appear to be. They are just a final scorecard in relation to countless transactions across an ever-shifting market. Nor was any one scorecard inevitable. Other strategies for the company could have been chosen – with very different results. ACCA qualified accountants always do their best to present a picture that is true and fair. They are also aware that business activity carries ethical and environmental significance. What is most profitable is not necessarily right. Many companies themselves now maintain ethical codes and report on their environmental performance. ACCA puts ethics at the core of its qualification and says:

‘ACCA doesn’t just want good accountants, but accountants that are good.’

The search for added value is complex and challenging. It has many dimensions but accounting is always among them and ACCA qualified accountants are regularly there in the driving-seat of strategy, collecting and interpreting data and helping managers to make their vision a reality.

ACCA | Interpreting and understanding accounts