Building a better business through communication
An Alliance & Leicester case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Alliance Leicester 3 Image 1The pattern and style of communication reflects the values and culture of the whole organisation. Alliance & Leicester employees recently received an Audit Questionnaire which asked them to comment upon communications within the Group. The aim was to allow employees to shape the dialogue between themselves and colleagues across the whole Company. Alliance & Leicester invests heavily in improving communication procedures. Recently the Company has developed:

  • Customer First - This is an action programme designed to bring the Company even closer to its customers. The aim is to improve customer communications by building upon Quality initiatives.
  • The Branch of the Future - Alliance & Leicester has designed a revolutionary prototype of tomorrow’s branch representing new concepts for customer service.

The type and nature of communications constantly change. No single pattern will continue to be superior to another. By occupying a central place within the Alliance & Leicester’s business strategy, its communication systems help to ensure that the Company continues to develop its business at the forefront of the financial services industry.

Alliance & Leicester | Building a better business through communication