Building a better business through communication
An Alliance & Leicester case study

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Page 2: The process of communication

Alliance Leicester 3 Diagram 1Communication is a two-way process of passing on and receiving ideas and information. For example, communication might result in a high degree of understanding between the sender and receiver of a message which goes beyond factual data to include the sharing of ideas, beliefs and opinions.

The process of communication involves a transmitter (or sender) sending messages to receivers. A transmitter should put information into a form which receivers can understand – this might include oral, written, visual or electronic messages. The transmitter chooses a suitable medium to send messages to the receiver such as letter, fax or phone call. Within the Alliance & Leicester, efficient communication provides employees with information which assists their work. Informing employees about developments within the business helps to involve them further and create an understanding of how these developments may affect their daily decisions.

Communications are not only used by senior managers for giving instructions downwards, but also for passing on business strategy so that more people within the Company understand how the Alliance & Leicester is working towards its objectives. The communication process works equally the opposite way, from lower to higher levels, with open management in a team orientated workplace where employees and their ideas are listened to. Internal communications within Alliance & Leicester also provide a mechanism for discussion and negotiation. Good internal communication enables employees to discuss issues within the workplace. The Team Brief is also frequently used to keep employees informed of research upon important issues and subsequent proposals.

Various communication methods are used by Alliance & Leicester to motivate employees and improve teamwork. Team Meetings, for example, bring employees together to focus upon certain issues. Informing employees about what is happening within the company helps them feel involved and improves their commitment.

Alliance & Leicester | Building a better business through communication