Social responsibility - using resources more efficiently
An Anglo American case study

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Anglo American aims to be the world”s leading global mining company. It wants to be the investment partner and employer of choice. It seeks to achieve this in a number of ways. It has to make sure that its work is carried out in the best possible way. It also seeks to have the top quality mines for products that are most sought after. This is supported by a resolute commitment to the highest standards of safe and sustainable mining.

A sustainable business is one which uses resources carefully. It makes sure that its actions enable both present and future generations to have the products that they want.

Anglo American is a global leader in commodities which consumers value such as platinum and diamonds. As a world leading mining company, it yields good returns for shareholders. However, it recognises that it has a range of other stakeholders. Employees need good working conditions and fair rewards; local communities require an investment in safe practices that are sensitive to local needs.

Behaving in a socially responsible way is therefore crucial to Anglo American”s aims. This is why its values are so important. Placing an emphasis on safety through the goal of zero harm can help Anglo American to win the confidence of many of its stakeholder groups. Concentrating on minimising environmental impact also signals a respect for nature and local populations.

Through its aims and objectives and in its values and strategic actions, Anglo American is able to demonstrate a commitment to optimising energy use and minimising waste production. It aims to create a mindset throughout the company that focuses on sustainable practice. This will win the support of governments, employees, local communities and other stakeholders.

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