Working for sustainable development in primary industry
An Anglo American case study

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Page 4: Stakeholders and ethics

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Anglo American recognises that its reputation is determined by the quality of the relationships it builds with its stakeholders. It also recognises that each of its operations should try to meet legitimate local expectations as well as national requirements and some international norms.

The community ranges from people living next door to a paper mill to anyone living alongside a road used by the company's vehicles. Managing relationships is key to building a strong reputation and being a good corporate citizen.

Communicating this work to stakeholders is important, Anglo American produces a 'Report to Society' each year. These need to be accurate and informative. The company's 2005 report won the 'Association of Certified and Chartered Accountants' award for sustainability reporting.

Anglo American has empowered each of its key operating businesses. These businesses manage within the context of its own industry within a framework of principles - The Good Citizenship Business Principles. This communicates its commitment to its stakeholders. It states that the Company seeks to make a contribution to the economic, social and educational wellbeing of the stakeholders associated with its operations:

  • government - compliance with laws, regulation, opposition to corruption
  • employees - fair labour practices, workplace equality, health and safety
  • environment - minimising waste and the consumption of natural resources, protection of biodiversity, climate change
  • community - respect for individual's rights and dignity.

These principles apply across all the company's stakeholders, dignity is relevant to employees as well as the community.

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