Making life easier for the motorist
An Autoglass case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Autoglass has conducted a detailed telephone survey of 20,000 customers to identify what drivers actually want, rather than what Autoglass believes customers want. The results showed that customers wanted a choice between a mobile service and visiting a branch.

Independent research shows that Autoglass customers are significantly happier than those who use the competition and an enormous 92% of customers found the service as good as or better than services provided in other sectors, such as retailing or banking. It has consistently won awards for being the Best Windscreen Replacement Company amongst fleet customers.

The focus on customer service has resulted in Autoglass becoming a pioneer in its field. With the current service ethic - a commitment to ‘Hassle Elimination’ - now firmly in place, taking the firm beyond its original vision, Autoglass is in a strong position to face the new millennium. However, this will need to be constantly challenged, evaluated and developed in the future.

Autoglass | Making life easier for the motorist


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