Supporting agriculture to create sustainable development
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Page 5: Conclusion

BCCCA ImageCocoa is an important export crop for a number of West African countries and will remain so. It has an important role to play in employment, farmers' incomes and export revenue generation.

To take full advantage of these opportunities however, farmers need help to develop more efficient and sustainable ways of growing cocoa (and other crops too). The cocoa and chocolate industry is actively engaged in making such changes possible through working with all interested parties, including farmers themselves. Such developments will best ensure that there are adequate supplies of cocoa to make the chocolate that we enjoy.

By doing this, the cocoa and chocolate industry has actively helped to provide a better and longer-term future for all those involved in it. This supports the economic, ecological and social interests of cocoa farming communities. In a modern and everchanging world, it has helped them to build a supply chain that is improving the lives of millions of people.

BCCCA | Supporting agriculture to create sustainable development