Growth through investment
A Bibby Line Group case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Growing a business is about taking opportunities when they arise. Historically, Bibby Line Group grew through its expertise in shipping and carrying out international operations. Over time, this business expertise was applied in new contexts and the Group diversified into new products and markets.

As a family company, Bibby Line Group has very strong traditions and values. At the heart of these values lies a belief in trusting employees and enabling them to make decisions. This company culture has enabled it to be creative in looking for new opportunities. The company focus is on being close to customers. Armed with this understanding of customers and their requirements, Bibby Line Group has been able to grow organically – building on core expertise. Just as importantly it has been able to engage in inorganic growth – moving into new and exciting lines of business at opportune times.

Bibby Line Group | Growth through investment



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