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Page 2: Developing an entrepreneurial culture

Bloomberg 6 Image 6As a fast expanding and rapidly developing business, Bloomberg is considered ‘entrepreneurial’. This means that even though they are a large business they have a small company ethos through which employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and take ownership of the projects that they themselves create.

This results in a workforce that is empowered to take control of their own parts of the business, to carve out roles for individuals with key skill sets and to adapt the company wide business guidelines to their own specific area of responsibility. What works in one region may not in another – the people in those regions have the flexibility to achieve in their own ways. Also, as the business meets the needs of many different client types around the world, staff can specialise on specific areas of the market place.

The Bloomberg professional

Traders and Investors can stay abreast of everything that affects their investments in the capital markets they follow. These include:

  • economic announcements and statistics
  • interest rate movements
  • currencies
  • changes in commodity markets
  • stock price movements
  • analyst recommendations.

By using the Bloomberg software they can search through this wealth of information and data to discover more about the reason for movements in the market.

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