Developing customer focus
A British Steel case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

British Steel 4 Image 6Continuous improvement never stops. Shotton Works has become a centre of excellence which is dedicated to improving the standards of its products and services to customers both within the Company and externally. Teamworking and benchmarking have helped employees to become more involved with this objective and to focus on the long-term needs of a continuously changing and competitive international market.

There have been many learning points from these experiences. The importance of Just In Time training, the building and development of skills and the use of information technology have all been emphasised. The next stage will involve further management teambuilding, the continuous development of employees’ skills and the restructuring of service departments.

Although the process of change may initially frighten those it affects, good communication and the establishment of an atmosphere of trust help provide a shared understanding of business objectives. In an educated and wellinformed business environment, such as that at Shotton, where individual and team skills have been established and developed, living within a change environment has created a learning culture where everybody’s contribution is vital to the further growth of the business.

British Steel | Developing customer focus