Managing health and safety - a quality approach
A British Steel case study

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Page 5: Evaluating the benefits

British Steel 4 Image 6Evaluation determines the value of the training at both an organisational and an individual level. Evaluation is a continuous process and seeks to assess:

  • the effectiveness of the training whether the trainees have learned what the training set out to teach them
  • whether the learning has been applied
  • whether the applied learning has brought about the required changes.

British Steel Engineering Steels identified a number of issues which it addressed during the delivery of the safety training initiative. A course specific to office staff was introduced. Improved timing of workshops ensured maximum attendance and increased cost effectiveness. The two-day workshops for managers were made more specific to the five-year strategic plan. Changes were also made to training methods and workshops were made more interactive using case study exercises and project work.

The primary aim of the training was to develop a positive attitude to Health and Safety. This is needed to create and maintain a safe working environment. SAFE sought to reduce significantly the number of accidents which resulted in lost work time and the number of first visits to the medical centre due to work related injuries.


Training benefits the individual as well as the organisation. Individuals now share a healthier and safer working environment. Individual interest in other courses has increased and many employees have learned new skills. The organisation will benefit from better productivity and a reduction in business costs.

At an organisational level the number of first time visits to the medical centre has reduced by 37% and the number of accidents resulting in lost work time has reduced by 42% to date. Training in Health and Safety has involved participants at all levels and created a culture which promotes a positive approach to Health and Safety management. Employees have received relevant training in Health and Safety procedures which clearly defines their responsibilities in this essential area.

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