Using call centres to deliver customer solutions
A BUPA case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Bupa 5 Image 1Customer satisfaction depends upon a product’s performance in relation to a buyer’s expectations. If the product’s performance falls short of expectations, the customer will be dissatisfied. However, if the performance matches or exceeds expectations, the customer will be delighted.  For companies with a broad customer base, customer satisfaction is both a goal and a major factor in influencing company performance.

This case study focuses on BUPA, the independent health and care company and market leader in the health care industry. It illustrates how BUPA uses call centres to help provide customer value and satisfaction which helps it to maintain its market position.

Established in 1947, BUPA has been the UK’s leading health care company for more than 50 years. Although it is a very large organisation, BUPA is not a limited company. It is a provident association, which was originally formed to support its members and it continues to do so today. It has no shareholders and reinvests any surplus into providing better health and care services for its customers.

One way of describing an organisation’s purpose is through its vision. A vision outlines a company’s objectives, i.e. what it represents and sets out to achieve.  BUPA was founded to:

  • prevent, relieve and cure sickness and ill-health
  • promote health in every way
  • raise, establish, maintain and administer a fund for defraying medical costs on behalf of its contributors.

BUPA has a range of services designed to promote good health and guard against illness. Medical insurance is a contract between a person or organisation and an insurer. The insurer pays bills when members require private medical care. 

In the UK, BUPA is the largest private medical insurer. It has a market share of over 40% and provides cover for approximately 2.3 million people. A comprehensive range of medical insurance schemes exists for both individuals and businesses.

BUPA | Using call centres to deliver customer solutions