Responding to a changing marketing environment
A Castrol case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Lubricating oil is the vital component of every internal combustion engine. From a small passenger vehicle to a Formula 1 racing car, from a heavy-duty truck to a cargo ship, from a lawn mower to a Supercar designed to go faster than any other on the planet, there is a Castrol lubricant designed specifically for the job.

In fact, Castrol's products play a major part in our everyday lives, supplying oils, transmission fluids, antifreeze, coolants, greases and brake fluids to suit differing local needs all around the world. They offer the benefit of more than a century of engineering excellence to help people and businesses get the best from their machines.

Castrol is a member of the BP Group and is the lubricant arm of a truly global petroleum company. It is also an iconic British brand that has permeated virtually every facet of the global market.

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