Working with bottling franchisees around the world
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 4: Thinking global, acting local

Bottling plants for Coca-Cola are, with few exceptions, owned and operated as separate businesses independent of The Coca-Cola Company. In some cases the company will have an ownership, but not a controlling interest in a bottler. By contract with The Coca-Cola Company or its local subsidiaries, the bottler is authorised to bottle and sell Coca-Cola and other soft drinks within certain territorial boundaries. They are required to meet quality standards which ensure the quality and uniformity of the product.

The franchise bottler provides the required capital investments for land, buildings, machinery and equipment, lorries, bottles and cases. Most supplies are purchased from indigenous sources where possible, often creating new supply industries and areas of employment within the local economy.

The company not only supplies the bottler with beverage bases and syrup or concentrate, it also actively engages in management guidance; helping to ensure the profitable growth of the bottler's business and enhancing the value of the franchise. Management advice will cover all sorts of topics such as product quality control, marketing, advertising, financial and personnel training.

The company's operations are managed by geographical subdivisions known as divisions, regions and districts. Each has its own resident manager who is responsible for operations within a particular country or group of countries. In addition, the company also owns and operates syrup, concentrate and beverage base manufacturing plants, as well as a few bottling plants. Although some regional differences exist, there is a certain degree of uniformity in the methods used to market products around the world. This process is co-ordinated by the company's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Coca-Cola advertising projects a uniform brand image around the world, to promote a strong consumer appeal for this successful, high quality product. Uniformity in advertising also establishes the image of the same pure, refreshing product in each country. The universal consumer acceptance and high standards of quality of Coca-Cola, fostered by the system of locally owned bottlers and distributors, have made Coca-Cola the most popular soft drink in the world. Coca-Cola is the second most widely known expression after OK.

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