Developing a stronger customer focus
A Corus case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Corus 6 Image 2Business continually needs to adapt to the changing environment in which it operates. In recent years a key element of this environment has been that of increasing customer expectation. Modern customers want far more than ever before deciding who to buy from. When they deal with an organisation they want to deal with a sales team that is fully informed, able to focus on their specific needs and provide suitable solutions.

Customers are not simply looking for good products. Rather, they seek good products which address their individual needs and buying requirements. The result is that business organisations today must be marketing rather than production-orientated.

  • The production-orientated company of the past concentrates on making good products, selling what they make - they were disappointed when they did not sell all manufactured goods.
  • The modern marketing orientated company first finds out what the customer requires and then provides the good quality solution regarding product that meets the customer’s requirement. The solution therefore sells the product and service.

This case study looks at how Corus, one of the world’s leading steel companies, has developed a market focused approach. This involved an extensive process of change management to enable the company to gain a competitive advantage in a fast moving marketplace.

The focus is on one of Corus’ key business units - the Construction and Industrial Unit which manufactures sections and heavy plates for the construction, energy, shipbuilding, process plant and engineering sectors; coil plate and reversing mill plate for a wide range of end-uses, rod for wire drawing and semi-finished products for re-rolling and further processing into many industrial and consumer goods.

Corus | Developing a stronger customer focus