Developing a stronger customer focus
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Page 3: Organisational culture

Corus 6 Image 1We use the term 'culture' to describe the typical approach within an organisation. Culture refers to the personality of an organisation and the shared beliefs. It also encompasses the written and unwritten policies and procedures that determine the ways in which the organisation and its people behave and solve business problems.

You can quickly get a feel for the culture of an organisation just by looking around the company and talking to the people who work for it. For example, some organisations are very dynamic and its people are encouraged to take risks. Others are backward-looking and rarely take risks.

A key change that has taken place in Corus' organisational structure has been in the organisation of sales accounts teams. Before the merger Corus operated with product based sales teams operating from four different geographical locations. Corus has sought to develop a customer focused business culture based on developing high performance teams.

The new emphasis has been on bringing the management of sales to a centralised area at Scunthorpe. Now empowered sales account managers have the responsibility for managing accounts with individual customers. The new account manager is entrusted to know all aspects of the business aided by the latest Information and Communications Technology systems.

Corus | Developing a stronger customer focus


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