Product development through continuous improvement
A Corus case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

In a competitive industry, businesses need to use all the resources they have, including skills and knowledge. Continuous improvement at Corus provides a process in which everybody can play a part in moving the business forward. Working in teams enables employees to share their ideas and expertise.

Using the expertise of staff helps the business to develop. It also empowers individuals to take on responsibility and provides them with increased job satisfaction.

New product development may involve risk, such as investing time, resources and money in new technologies. However, it also creates business opportunities. Continuous improvement has helped Corus to meet the Royal Navy's increasingly sophisticated requirements for high specification steel products.

However, in meeting these needs, it has also opened up other business opportunities. By winning this contract, Corus is now able to make this higher grade steel available as part of its product portfolio. As a long-term strategy, it will help the business to outperform its competitors and increase its market share.


Corus | Product development through continuous improvement