The importance of building a strong brand image
A Corus case study

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Page 5: Stakeholders

Corus 7 Image 7It was vital to quickly win support for the new brand from all of the organisation’s key stakeholders inside the organisation. On the day Corus was launched, communication packs were delivered to all parts of the business and presentations took place at the same time on the same day throughout the Company.  These were to explain the nature and purpose of the new logo and the new brand.  Information was also provided for suppliers and customers, and advertisements were placed in national newspapers throughout key areas of Europe – Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, Spain etc. This was followed up with a series of billboard advertisements in the manufacturing towns where Corus has plants.

Corus also produced ‘Merger News’, a series of booklets which it mailed home to all of its employees worldwide to keep them informed of the changes. These were also available to customers, suppliers and others, and were well received. They gave answers to questions such as: ‘Why the new name?’, ‘What does it mean?’. Subsequent booklets were titled ‘Corus News’ and more recently ‘Corus World’. Today they are designed to provide an open channel of communication with employees.

Open communications

Corus has continued the process of open communications eg by running focus sessions with groups of employees to discuss new workwear designs. Employees are invited to comment on what they like and suggest improvements, for example all red for better visibility, reflecting the importance of health and safety to Corus employees.

Brand seminars are held for Corus communication managers to ensure the integrity of the Corus brand is always preserved. In its external communications Corus has concentrated on creating a consistent approach in all of its literature, eg brochures, posters, press releases, education resources etc to reinforce brand consistency.

The strapline associated with the company is ‘Corus the future in metal’.  This reflects the confidence and ambition within the company. It is used, with pictures of end products to illustrate the many ways in which customers benefit from Corus products and services eg in high-precision engineering, cars and civil airliners.

Corus | The importance of building a strong brand image