Creating a European branded business
A Dalgety case study

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Page 4: Growth

Dalgety 2 Diagram 3The challenge for Spillers now is to continue to support the growth of Felix, while identifying the key dog food brands that have potential to follow in its footsteps. The company needs to continue to support Felix, whilst at the same time establishing a place for other brands in the European market.

In order to do this successfully, Spillers has placed a heavy emphasis on marketing. The company feels that it is essential to understand the consumer; both those who buy and those who have yet to buy Spillers brands. It has also set out to anticipate how the markets will develop and what competitors will do, particularly in the areas of new product development and marketing.

The popularity of certain products varies from country to country. For example, in Germany the dry dog food market is of much greater importance than in Italy. What differentiates companies bidding for European success is understanding how the demands of the Italian consumer differ from those in Spain, France and Germany and then providing the products that will satisfy those needs.

Commitment to technological excellence and the provision of highly palatable products provides the company with the platform it needs from which to launch new brands, create new sectors and grow the market share of the existing portfolio of products.

Retailers also differ across Europe, both in what they want from a company like Spillers and in what they need to support them in selling products to the consumer. By establishing a local focus, with local management responsibility, Spillers has set up a structure to provide the products and services which will guarantee support from the retail base.

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