Using innovation to improve performance
A Design Council case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Markets for UK companies are worldwide. To serve these markets, firms have to ask themselves:

  • Do we really know what our customers want?
  • How do we generate, capture and develop ideas?
  • How good are we at seeing good ideas through to fruition?
  • In a changing market place, what is the best way for us to develop strategies that will maximise our competitive advantage?
  • How should we set about identifying and meeting business opportunities?

The Design Council has been working to demonstrate that the UK is a country with entrepreneurial flair, in which companies and individuals use ideas to develop leading products based upon design and innovation. This case study shows that by using cutting-edge design as part of a process of innovation, an organisation can add value to processes and products that helps to transform their activities while at the same time improving their competitive advantage.

Design Council | Using innovation to improve performance