Managing the supply chain for globally integrated products
An Exel case study

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Exel 7 Image 7Adopting the supplier park model in Mexico has helped VW to reach its present level of 1,380 vehicles per day. Exel is providing supply chain services not only for the new Beetle, but also for the A4, a redesigned Jetta and also the Golf models.

As an experienced logistics leader, operating globally, Exel has an established infrastructure in Mexico, servicing clients such as Procter & Gamble and DaimlerChrysler. However, Exel had to virtually start from scratch to staff the supplier park in Puebla. It created a team of skilled and experienced managers from Mexico, America and Europe, and hired line workers and sequencing personnel from the Puebla area who were provided with intensive training. Exel employs around 850 people at the Puebla facility.

Exel | Managing the supply chain for globally integrated products