Introducing an established brand - bringing Yellow Bus to Britain
A First Group case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Most people in the UK will have seen yellow school buses in American films. The Yellow Bus brand represents more than simply a bus journey for young people. It is one of the classic icons of American culture, representing a child-centred world in which children's safety and well-being lie at the heart of community values.

Now Yellow Buses are becoming part of the British scene too; First is introducing them to the UK. The company is confident of success, and for good reason. Its research suggests that consumers see the product as superior to any of its current rivals.

In an increasingly globalised world, successful brands such as the Yellow Bus are as important as the goods and services they represent. Effective branding involves creating images that are instantly recognised and valued e.g. the Coca-Cola bottle and logo, the Nike symbol, the Shell sign and the Yellow Bus. With the help of mass communication channels, such brands have become part of popular culture and are instantly recognised worldwide. This recognition helps firms to introduce their product in countries where it has yet to be experienced directly 'for real'.

First Group | Introducing an established brand - bringing Yellow Bus to Britain