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Page 4: Project teams

Fki 2 Image 4Project Teams are formed for short periods to address cross Company issues, acting as a problem specific "task force". They include representatives from the various production and support teams involved and provide a method of drawing ideas on solutions from the shop floor.

The Board has recently developed a Mission Statement for the Company which is a brief statement of company aims and values and acts as a guide to employees on Company values. The Business Plan has been condensed into a 20 page version which is copied to each employee, summarising Company objectives and developments for the coming year. A two page summary of the plan is posted on the Company Notice Board .

Each employee participates in an annual appraisal, which is used as an opportunity to identify the training needs of individuals.

Directors address all the workforce together at a quarterly meeting, an extension of the successful use initially of half yearly meetings. The meeting provides an explanation of business plans, forecasts, progress and problems. Questions and suggestions are encouraged.

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