Communication - the key to success!
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Page 5: Top down communication

Fki 2 Image 5The Company has five operating departments and each has a monthly review meeting. Every three months, group meetings known as sector boards bring together representatives from the various departments. These provide a means of jointly dealing with common problems or new developments and the results are communicated to the Directors.

The Management Team puts a heavy emphasis on Top down communications to keep the workforce informed on what is happening in the Company. Notice boards are regularly used to inform employees of new appointments in the organisation, new orders and trends in orders and sales. Senior Managers attend a regular monthly meetings with Directors and then cascade information gained throughout their own departments. Whatever methods of communication are used, formal or informal, written or spoken, they should contribute to keeping employees continually informed on the following key questions:-

  • What do I need to do?
  • Where does my work come from and go to?
  • Why is my job important?
  • Who is my line manager?
  • What are my work targets?
  • What changes are being made and why?
  • How can I help to improve what is done?

FKI | Communication - the key to success!