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Page 2: Changing the market

Freeserve 5 Image 2Freeserve combines free Internet access and comprehensive Internet resources, which are tailored to the UK market. On 26th June, 1999, after only nine months of operation, Freeserve had the largest registered Internet user base, making it the UK’s leading Internet service. Delivering free Internet access, offering UK focused content, e-commerce and extensive support services, Freeserve attributes its rapid growth to the strength of its customer support extensive marketing abilities and cost effective distribution capabilities through the Dixons Group.

By initiating free Internet access on a mass-market basis, Freeserve has contributed significantly to the growth of Internet usage in the UK due to:

  • an increase in home PC penetration
  • increased consumer awareness of the world wide web
  • increased availability of UK focused content and commerce on the web
  • decreasing costs of Internet usage due to lower access and telecommunications costs.

As the UK’s market leader, Freeserve currently offers:

  • a free and simple Internet connection, without a connection fee and including e-mail, personal web
  • space and online customer support
  • a variety of Internet tools and services, including search, instant messaging, chat and domain name registration
  • a comprehensive selection of UK content, including news, information and channels covering areas such as sport, education, travel, entertainment, money and technology
  • a wide selection of UK focussed e-commerce offerings.

Freeserve has become the leading Internet brand in the UK, built on the largest active user base in the country, achieving twice the market share of its nearest rival. The success of Freeserve has not only contributed to the growth of the UK Internet market, but has also increased competition within the industry.

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