An integrated approach to Customer Service
A Gala Group case study

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Page 6: Recruitment selection and training

Customer Service and the quality it provides starts from having the right people and then developing a process that values and nurtures their talents. A key element in the Customer Service Strategy is to select, develop and retain staff who have the expertise and professionalism to represent all levels within the organisation.

Gala has developed a range of programmes for all levels of management who are commercially aware and self-motivated. It also offers a clear career development programme to provide opportunities for advancement.

Exceeding employee expectations as a good employer has been a key element in the Customer Service process. Training across the business plays a key role in helping people to understand how to develop Customer Service skills. Even though Gala has achieved the 'Investor in People' Award, it was evident from the outset that Gala needed to invest even more in training and developing its staff. As staff develop, their competence in Customer Service also improves.

Gala has gone about this in two ways: firstly in establishing a specific I.T Training function to look into and develop appropriate training technologies so that a 'blended' approach to training is achieved. Secondly, by creating four 'Learning Centres' in the UK, where a range of learning and development activities will be undertaken. These are clear symbols of the investment and belief that Gala has in the value of training.

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