Recruitment as a business process
A Great Mills case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Since Great Mills introduced its NVQ in Retailing and became involved in a range of initiatives designed to meet the National Standards, there has been a dramatic fall in staff turnover, from over 120% in 1988 to under 50% per year, which is average for the retail sector. By the end of 1995 more than 20% of Great Mills’ staff had obtained NVQ and a further 10% were working towards this goal. Recent exit interviews carried out for people leaving the company have noted that very few people completing NVQs have left Great Mills.

This helps to show that when a company recruits the right people and invests in its staff, they develop a longer-term commitment to that organisation because it fulfils their personal, professional and development needs. In other words they are happier to stay. Great Mills is equally happy for them to do so!

Great Mills | Recruitment as a business process


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