Recruitment as a business process
A Great Mills case study

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Page 4: Training and development

Great Mills Diagram 2Great Mills is not simply taking on individuals to fill job vacancies. It is providing young people with a structured career path, starting with a broad knowledge of the business as a whole and a long-term process of employee development. Learning is like a journey and it is best if people know where they are going. Having a sense of direction enables employees to choose the best route and the steps they need through the learning journey.

Recruits are not just dropped in at the deep end, though they are given responsibility as early as possible. An induction process initially familiarises the new employee with various functions of the store in which they work. Throughout their early development there are courses for them to attend, as well as Weekly Assessments to undertake, which are later evaluated through Appraisal. An Individual Training Programme is designed and agreed with the trainee.

Trainees work with a ‘mentor’. Mentoring and coaching involve a more experienced member of the organisation pairing up with a less experienced member for guidance and training purposes. As part of the ‘In Store Development Programme,’ candidates are coached and assessed regularly. Any problems which employees may have are discussed with them and not just left buried. At 10 months, assessment is made to determine the progress of each candidate before a final appointment. For successful candidates this leads to a Store Management Team appointment after 12 months.

Great Mills | Recruitment as a business process