Using business TV within a changing organisation
A Halifax case study

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Page 5: Feedback

Halifax 3 Image 7During the summer of 1996, concerns were voiced in the branch network about the loss of valuable discussion and training time between 9 am and 9.30 am on Wednesday mornings. The broadcasts and discussions were occupying much of this valuable half-hour slot when everybody in each branch was assembled. The HTV team was aware that some branch managers were overcoming this problem by simply recording HTV transmissions for staff to watch later. This would dilute the impact of live transmissions.

The re-launch involved shortening the fortnightly news programme, HTN and creating targeted editions for the different parts of the Halifax Group, such as branches, estate agency and financial services businesses. The response to the new format was measured with a telephone survey of 38 locations. The response was positive with comments like ‘More snappy, punchy,’ ‘more to the point – much better,’ ‘It gave us what we needed to know.’

When a larger sample, of more than 500 respondents, was interviewed in October and November 1996, the findings were that 70% of the audience thought the programme was better and found the shorter broadcasts more relevant and easier to watch. Moreover, research shows that Halifax staff are now equally likely to expect important policy changes to be communicated to them by HTV as by their manager. Additionally, 70% agree they know more about overall business performance as a result of broadcasts.

Launched the day after the largest-ever building society merger, HTV has since kept staff informed about the major programme of change following this event. Recent employee tracking research highlights the positive attitudes of staff to the new medium. There is little doubt that business television has become a powerful tool for internal communication.

Halifax | Using business TV within a changing organisation