Re-launching a product
A Heinz case study

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Page 5: Marketing mix

Heinz 6 Image 4Another marketing idea of use in the analysis of how Heinz treated its Salad Cream brand is that of the marketing mix. All goods and services are said to have a marketing mix, which usually involves four aspects. These are its:

  • product
  • price
  • promotion
  • place.

The product involves all its particular features and benefits. It can be seen from the Salad Cream campaign that a decision was taken not to alter the taste of salad cream and only to change the bottle shape and packaging. Hence, the product aspect of the marketing mix was left relatively unchanged.

In the case of Salad Cream the price aspects of the mix were altered: price was increased, because focus group research supported the view that a price increase in Salad Cream would be acceptable to consumers. Promotion aspects were considerably changed. The advertising and promotional campaigns described above were extensive. Finally, place within the marketing mix was also unchanged in terms of the places where consumers could buy Salad Cream. No new sales outlets or distribution points were suggested by the campaign team.

Heinz | Re-launching a product