Securing a market leading future through SWOT analysis
A Hewden case study

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Page 5: Threats

Hewden 18 Image 3Threats occur from external factors outside of the business. Like any business, the actions of competitors create a threat to Hewden. The quality of Hewden’s training programmes means its competitors are keen to recruit its employees. Hewden knows that some of its people will move on and understands this. However, through offering varied career paths and opportunities for development it has created a loyal workforce. Hewden’s culture creates a fun working environment where the team can thrive both professionally and in their personal lives. As Tom, an operations graduate, adds:

‘The friendly nature of the people at Hewden means they appreciate the importance of a work-life balance. By being well organised and working effectively, we can enjoy a life outside work, while still progressing on a career path. Moreover, Hewden prides itself on its charitable work, and volunteering opportunities are advertised to employees on a regular basis.’

Economic factors

Other threats include a range of economic factors. The recent recession posed another threat that Hewden’s strategies needed to take into account. Hewden turned this potential threat into an opportunity by recruiting graduates (and non-graduates) who were not getting the opportunities they might have had in a different economic climate. Hewden identified this pool of talent as a way to add value to the business. The success of those already with Hewden helped attract other graduates. As Tom says:

‘I was very impressed by how soon I was given real responsibility at Hewden, and I was actively encouraged to express any ideas or questions I had. I think Hewden recognises my ambition, and the company’s attitude towards training and development complements that desire for career progression.’

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