Building on a brand
A HMV UK case study

Page 4: Building a brand

HMV has been building its brand for over 80 years through:

  • stocking the widest possible range of titles, based on trading experience and an appreciation of customer requirements
  • building a relationship with its customers - always seeking to be the first to offer new products, releases and 'added-value' wherever possible
  • recruiting and training knowledgeable staff, dedicated to providing the best possible service
  • creating vibrant and stimulating store environments in key shopping locations.

HMV reinforces its positive brand image through advertising and other promotional activities. The company currently uses the advertising strapline 'Top Dog for Music, DVD & Games'. This clever play on words is simple, versatile, and immediately conveys its offer to the public.

Customers are likely to be loyal to a brand in which past experience has built trust. John Lennon was a frequent visitor to HMV's Oxford Street store, whilst Michael Jackson is also a regular shopper. Brand loyalty is important because, as with many other sectors of retailing, there is fierce competition between rival stores.

HMV UK | Building on a brand


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