Re-branding a Corporate Image
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 6: Marketing Research - The Reduction Of Risk

To further reduce any risk, Kellogg's undertook a considerable amount of market research. One thousand consumers were asked a series of questions about the Kellogg's brands and were shown some initial designs. In particular, the researchers wanted information about the impact of the designs on the shelf, the ease of recognition and the clarity of the brand name and product.

The results of the market research confirmed that one design led the field. It highlights the 'K' logo, which was based on the original signature of W. K. Kellogg. The big advantage of using the 'K' logo was that it was a protectable brand image. Other competitors would not be able to imitate it.

Having decided on the new corporate brand icon, the designers had to incorporate it into the design of the packaging for all 29 individual brands.  The latest computer technology was used to digitally generate the artwork and the familiar characters such as Snap, Crackle and Pop, Captain Rik and Tony the Tiger were re-drawn in a more modern style. For each product the image was designed to wrap around the box and each side, including the bottom have also been given a strong branded look.

The only part of the old design to be kept was the nutritional information, which had itself been re-designed in 1998 and had even received recognition from the Plain English Campaign for the clarity of its explanations. This had already proved to be very consumer friendly and a big success so it was simply incorporated into the new design.

It was essential not to alienate consumers with radical new designs and it was important to maintain the individuality of each brand. This is known as the brand equity and means the value of a brand that has been built up over a number of years. Frosties, for example, kept Tony the Tiger, the familiar blue background and typeface, while Corn Flakes still radiates sunshine and keeps the red and green cockerel. Although the changes in the corporate image were quite radical, the designs of the individual brands retained enough elements to be instantly recognisable.

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