Using planning analysts at the centre of brand development
A Kraft Foods UK case study

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Page 1: Introduction

In a competitive market, the organisations most likely to meet their objectives are those that are capable of leading rather than following changes within that market. Managers therefore need to build a business that is capable of responding quickly to changes in both consumer requirements and the business environment. This means not only constantly developing innovations but also being able to launch them into the market place.

Successful organisations consist of different people united in a common purpose or corporate goal. Within every organisation the key element in keeping people focused is a corporate strategy that builds the business so that it can adapt and move forward through time. In order to change, a business must plan ahead so that the actions of each of its parts fit together and are co-ordinated to meet the corporate goal.

This case study illustrates how Kraft Foods' management accountants act as financial planning analysts to support the process of brand development. The study highlights how Kraft's forward planning and supporting processes of investment/forecast analysis supports its core brands in a fast-changing market place.

Kraft Foods UK | Using planning analysts at the centre of brand development