Becoming a lean service organisation
A Legal Services Commission case study

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Page 3: The benefits of a lean service

Lean production means all three parties involved in the Commission's processes benefit. Customers get a much quicker and personalised service. Providers work with a simpler and more sensible system. The Legal Services Commission is able to provide a more cost-effective and less wasteful service because less time and expense is taken up on unnecessary activities. This is important as the Legal Services Commission has a fixed budget.

The key benefits to the Legal Services Commission of lean working are to be able to:

  • remove waste and duplication
  • focus on standard and simple processes to meet clients” needs
  • concentrate on improving productivity, speed of meeting customer needs and quality of service
  • motivate and involve staff by encouraging them to take ownership for improvement.

As a result the Legal Services Commission is able to focus on value-adding activities. Lean working methods enable the Commission to communicate to staff ways in which performance can be improved.

Everyone can therefore become involved in performance management. A new culture of continuous improvement (CI) and performance management now exists within the Legal Services Commission.

An important part of redesigning the way in which the Legal Services Commission works has been to identify groups of Providers with similar needs. Processes have then been designed with these groups in mind.

Providers are able to benefit from:

  • simplified bill processing
  • being given more power
  • interacting with the Legal Services Commission electronically.

The resulting saving will be such that by 2011 the Legal Services Commission will have cut its administrative budget by up to £30 million (about a third).

Carrying out business electronically will mean that its employees are able to use their time more efficiently and release time for other activities.

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