Promoting social inclusion through access to legal services
A Legal Services Commission case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

A society can rightly claim to be 'inclusive' only when it is meeting the needs and aspirations of all of its members. This is particularly important in relation to offering every citizen equal rights, equality of opportunity, and equal protection under the law.

Being able to access justice - so that a family can keep their home when they are threatened with eviction or an individual can defend their case when they are wrongly accused of a crime - are fundamental human rights. This is what the legal aid system is here to protect and the LSC plays a vital role in ensuring people understand and can exercise these rights.

By establishing a clear vision and values for its four main stakeholder groups, and by developing a strong employer brand, the LSC is increasingly able to attract and retain committed and talented individuals who share and can deliver its vision.

Legal Services Commission | Promoting social inclusion through access to legal services