Providing means of payment for today and for the future
A LINK case study

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Page 3: Developing a strategy for the future

Link 6 Image 3LINK is now at a crossroads in terms of its ongoing development. In recent times the organisation has developed to such a point that it now provides the UK network of ATMs. As a result it is in the enviable position of having a core product which serves as a cash cow enabling a consistent return to be made. However, it is looking to the long term. An organisation that stands still will frequently be overtaken. LINK is, therefore, building a strategy to secure its future. This is where strategic thinking is necessary. Building a strategy involves creating a long term plan designed to secure the future of the whole organisation.

Building an effective business strategy involves the following key steps:

  • know where you are starting from
  • know your destination
  • look at alternative routes
  • decide on the big steps that need to be taken
  • get everyone in the organisation on board
  • make it happen
  • keep track of progress
  • adjust your tactics as you move forward.

From the outset LINK had a clear idea of where it was coming from i.e. it provided the national network of ATMs.

LINK | Providing means of payment for today and for the future