The business benefits of diversity
A Lloyds TSB case study

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Page 5: How does Lloyds TSB communicate its diversity strategy?

Lloyds TSB believes that staff perform best in an environment that is inclusive, open, flexible and fair.

Lloyds TSB has put in place support measures to help LGB staff reach their full potential. It has also focused on creating an environment which respects and values difference.

LLoyds TSB's communication programme

Lloyds TSB has developed a detailed communications programme to ensure that sexual orientation becomes a visible and high profile part of the Group's wider Equality & Diversity Strategy.

  • A news feature about a relevant aspect of the Group's sexual orientation strategy is published most months. These are often introduced by Lloyds TSB's most senior managers. This ensures sexual orientation is treated as a serious business issue and opportunity.
  • Lloyds TSB also sponsors external LGB initiatives to raise the organisation's profile with the LGB community. This positions the Group as the bank and employer of choice for LGB people.

Training and awareness

Lloyds TSB also provides a range of training courses and development tools to ensure staff understand diversity and why it is essential for the company's success. This helps raise awareness at every level of the organisation.

  • All Lloyds TSB staff are expected to complete a multi-media training package called 'Diversity Achieving Success Through Valuing Difference'. This is provided online or as a CD-Rom. The package describes what sexual orientation is and highlights its relevance to staff and customers.
  • The Equality and Diversity Team also offers two intensive face-to-face management training programmes to raise awareness and understanding of diversity and the benefits of adopting a progressive diversity strategy as both an employer and service provider. These give senior and middle managers the opportunity to identify and practice the skills needed to positively manage difference.

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