Using skills to respond to the external environment
A Logica case study

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Page 5: Technological factors

The speed of technological advances means that existing electronic equipment, IT processes and systems will quickly become dated. To remain competitive a business must ensure that its processes and systems support innovation and creativity for itself and its customers. Logica has embraced recent advances in technology to offer its clients the most advanced and sustainable services possible.

Cloud technology

Logica 17 Image 6An example of this is the use of ‘cloud’ technology. Cloud technology allows companies to access and buy into data storage or software ‘on demand’ through the internet. It enables companies to access a shared infrastructure. This eliminates the need for firms to buy software for every staff member or support a server to store company data and pay for staff to maintain it. This in turn reduces waste in terms of both time and money and can help a business to become more competitive by unlocking capital. This capital can then be invested in other areas.

Logica has also worked with the UK police force to develop the Police National Database. This is the most secure national police system developed to date and only authorised and vetted users will have access to the system. It will make a big difference to policing in the UK as all police forces will now have easy access to key information from forces around the country. The system will make a real difference in protecting people in society.


Logica 17 Image 9Technology can also help businesses to meet the issues of sustainability. Sustainability is now a high priority and businesses are keen to reduce waste and be more energy-efficient. Using more efficient IT systems can help reduce waste, recycle more or cut carbon emissions. For example Logica has created innovative software for Ford which monitors vehicle emissions. If drivers behave in an environmentally efficient way, they may benefit from fuel discounts. Systems like this help businesses save money through reduced fuel consumption whilst also reducing emissions.

Logica’s technology supports its clients in many ways but to do this it needs to be able to offer a dynamic and innovative working environment for its highly skilled employees from diverse backgrounds. Logica’s people are key to the technologies that it provides, as employees need to have both the IT skills and an innovative mindset. As an example, graduates within the business may be involved in any part of the organisation, from business consultancy, systems design and development and implementation, to testing the support of new technologies, training or applications management.

Logica | Using skills to respond to the external environment