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A Marconi case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Marconi 5 Image 1In recent years, fewer industries have been faced with more challenges than the telecom equipment industry. Though the industry has been around for more than one hundred years, it has changed more in the past few years than in the entire preceding century!

By examining how it has adapted to this accelerated process of change, this case study illustrates how Marconi Communications has developed leading-edge products that have enabled it to position itself as world leader in key areas of the telecommunications market.

Although Marconi Communications is a GEC company and one of GEC’s three core businesses, it is a new name on the telecoms scene with a powerful pedigree. The formation of Marconi Communications united GPT and Marconi SpA. Guglielmo Marconi (1834-1937) was the pioneer of radio and a Nobel Prize winner in 1909. It was in the same year that he founded Marconi SpA, an innovator in civil, mobile radio and military telecommunications in Italy and over 60 countries for many years. GPT (GEC Plessey Telecoms) had more than 90 years experience in the field of telecoms as the UK’s largest telecoms manufacturer.

Marconi Communications is a business-to-business company, selling in industrial markets to large telecommunication services and corporate clients. The process of change has activated the business to develop from being a provider of telecoms equipment, to an organisation that helps its customers to communicate by providing them with world-class solutions.

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